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Monthly Plan Charges 750 900 700 500
Download Speed 3 10 6 4
Available GBs 150 100 40
Post FUP Speed Unit Mbps Mbps Mbps
Secondary Download Speed 4 2 1.5

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I was facing a lot of problems with my internet for the last 2 days. The connection was quite bad for some reason. I called tikona for explanation and they were very courteous and apologized for the delay. My connection issues were solved that day itself. I want to thank tikona broadband and their support staff for all their help.

Ashwini M Trimbake

Hello, wanted to share my tikona customer service review. I had called them to change my tikona internet plan. The problem was solved within 10 minutes of calling, which was very surprising. I am happy with tikona broadband and I hope the they'll continue to be this good in future as well.

Sagar Gopinath Padhy

Excellent customer care services provided by tikona infinet. The staff member was crystal clear on what I needed and could fulfill my request soon as possible. Needed some information about the 4 mbps tikona internet plans and she was kind enough to provide me with all the details. I am very happy with the services.

Renuka Shukla

Hi friends, I am here to share my review about tikona's customer care. I wanted to change my tikona internet plan from 2 mbps to 4 mbps. It was amazing that it got resolved so soon and I did not have to face any hassle over this. I am very impressed by this and keep up the good work!

Khan Kashif Raza

Hi, wanted to say that the customer service by Tikona was very good. The person who talked to me was very clear in whatever he said. I wanted to change my tikona broadband plan and he was helpful in doing that. Kudos to the customer care of tikona.

Amit Subodh Tiwari

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Hello All, Today I wanted to appreciate tikona's customer support in my brief review here. I had called them to know about the 2 mbps plans and to check if it would be sufficient for my requirements. The person talked me through every minute detail of the plan and explained the benefits and drawbacks as well. It was good to know that there are brands who have good customer support. Kudos Tikona!

by Ajay Metri

I wanted to change my 4 mbps tikona internet plan to an unlimited plan since it was working good for me and I thought I should upgrade. It's always a hassle trying to change your broadband plans, you have to wait for a long time before it's done. But in my case, it was done just after one phone call. The staff member who answered my call was quite enthusiastic and upgraded my plan in an instant. Thanks!

by Rutuja Sampat Walunj

I was facing connectivity issues with my tikona broadband internet. So I called them up to check what exactly was the issue. Even though I was very angry, the person from tikona infinet was calm and patient. He explained what was the problem and that they would send engineers right away. And then my conectivity issue was solved. I am happy that tikona has such good customer service.

by Namrata Dharmdeo Shinde