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Reviews V

Hi All,

Tikona is up with new broadband tariff plans good to know and now they have plans as per usage i was waiting for this as i don’t require much of internet data so now i can go for Tikona’s Light usage plan 40 GB for 6 months or 125 GB for 12 months and even i will share my review with my friends about this plan..

by Rashmi Kadam


Tikona is by far the best internet service provider I have used since I started using Internet back in 2005. I have been using it for more than 4 years. The 1 Mbps plan is the best one; go for it!

by Saranya Kumar
Hi All,

So I guess I can finally write my review of Tikona Broadband after using it for a couple of months. 

The first things is speed - It's been good, reliable and I haven't experienced any drop in speed so far. Also, I set up WiFi and that hasn't given me any problems as of yet. The customer service has been good most of the times, nothing spectacular, but they get the job done. So, overall quite satisfied! 

by Richard

Dear All,

4 Mbps speed at only rupees 1500? This is really great.
I have used their internet plan of 2 Mbps at INR 700 and I am loving it so far. Tikona Broadband is a well reviewed ISP IMHO... Go ahead, guys!

by Gireesh Nambiar

Hi All,

Even I am using Tikona Broadband for some months now and I have not experienced any issues with respect to the speed, connection, or customer service.

by Shashank

Hi All,

Tikona Broadband's review has been generally good for the past year 2015 mostly because of their great plans. I personally use their 4 Mbps GB limit plans that has a comparatively higher speed and a reliable connection. Never faced any problems with the internet. I sincerely recommend every Mumbaikar to grab the service. Its 4G services in Varanasi has also garnered great reviews...

by Sethulaxmi Shankar