Internet Leased Line
Leased Line Internet Connection
Tikona offers Internet Leased Line via a wireless last mile to your office. With your existing wired internet, Tikona can provide a near 100% Internet uptime in your office.
Traffic split across both links in a load sharing mode.
Value Internet leased line
Value Internet Leased Line
Growing business often need to choose between a high cost, high performance Internet Leased Line or low cost, low performance broadband connection. Tikona Value Internet Leased Line offers best of both world - a dedicated bandwidth during office hours and cost saving during non office hours by falling back to a broadband connection.
Save 30% on conventional Internet Leased Line cost
WiFi Internet Connection
Secured Office Wi-Fi
Tikona secured office Wi-Fi solution enhances employee productivity by enabling them to securely access the office network from anywhere in the premises using smart internet devices.
Twice the coverage of standard Wi-Fi access points
Secured Board Internet
Secured Boardroom Internet
Tikona Secured Boardroom Internet service allows you to offer internet to guests in a secured and hassle-free manner.
Easy and secured internet access to visitors
Cloud HD Video Conferencing
Cloud HD Video Conferencing
Tikona's revolutionary Cloud HD Video Conferencing allows you to collaborate with any device, at any location, using any internet connection around the globe.

Information technology teams have a constant challenge of keeping their office IT systems in sync with the latest technology developments. Tikona Enterprise Solutions recognize the importance of the Internet technologies and their applications in businesses. The company has introduced a portfolio of services to make your office a hi-tech workplace with improved productivity while reducing costs.